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Words have always held great power and had a significant impact on society. Mass media marks its beginning by learning to use the power of words. Whether speaking to an old friend of yours, reading the news, or seeing an advertisement on the street or the internet, words’ influence is all around you. There is a saying, “Words are like water. Even if they are stopped, they will find their way to leak.”, we would add – and create magic if used correctly. Nowadays, the impact of traditional media marketing and advertisement has decreased, especially on younger generations whose presence is mainly registered online. Therefore, words must be adapted to the ever-growing digital media marketing stream to continue to create their magic and get to the people they are dedicated to.

Nowadays, content writing is a modern and innovative-driven mechanism to meet users’ needs by creating optimized texts for search engines. This is exactly what CopyVibes specializes in. This content-writing agency offers professional copywriting services. Their team of certified professionals creates high-quality content that has won the trust of some of the most significant large companies in Bulgaria. We at WorldStreet are delighted to present our guest Mrs. Stanislava Simidchiyska, co-founder and content writer at CopyVibes, who will speak on the latest content writing trends in a persuasive interview below.

We Create Magic With Words”

WorldStreet Introduces Our Guest

Stanislava Simidchiyska

Mrs. Stanislava Simidchiyska is a co-founder and content writer at CopyVibes agency. Mrs. Simidchiyska has graduated in Bulgarian Philology and has a Master’s in Journalism and Media. She and her husband, Mr. Konstantin Simidchiyski, manage several businesses successfully. They founded the CopyVibes agency in 2018, and since then, they have worked side by side toward growing and developing their dream company. Besides her successful business career, Mrs. Simidchiyska is a dedicated wife and a caring mother. Her background is in Journalism, and she has a love and passion for writing; therefore, content writing is a natural extension of her education and professional experience. However, as she says, “writing for business is a challenge of a new dimension,” and obviously, she has taken the risk. As all successful people with an entrepreneurial spirit do.

The Interview

We at WorldStreet sat down with Mrs. Stanislava Simidchiyska as she spoke on the specifics of content writing and the latest trends in the industry in an intriguing interview. 

How did you start your copywriting agency CopyVibes?

Our content writing agency was born as a natural extension of our education and professional experience. I graduated in Bulgarian Philology, and this was followed by a Master’s in Journalism and Media. My husband, Konstantin Simidchiyski, with whom I work side by side, is also a journalist. We started our professional path in media, and I wouldn’t say we made a turn to content writing but rather added this branch to our professional activity.

Konstantin and Stanislava Simidchiyski
Konstantin and Stanislava Simidchiyski

Writing has always been my passion, reliance, love, and even salvation. And writing for business is a challenge of a new dimension. It combines creativity with many other aspects to bring greater recognition, better search engine results, and more sales, of course.

You have been on the market for an agency and 12 years as a writer; what makes you stand out from the crowd, and what makes you successful?

What sets us apart as an agency is first that we are formed as an agency. We’re not freelancers, and we don’t write occasionally or in our spare time. It’s a full-time occupation for us. We are dedicated to what we do, and we enjoy doing it.

Our team is made up of writers with education and experience in the field of words – philology, journalism, etc. We value their strengths and I dare to say that we know how to use it. For us, words are magic. A tool, a way. A key that opens all those doors worth opening.

Why should businesses use copywriting services?

Why do we take our car in for service when it breaks down? Or why do we go to the hairdresser when our hair needs to be cut? If the answers here are because they are experts in their field, the same applies to our field. There is an expression in Bulgarian: there are people for everything. And so, it should be.

But let me return to the point: writing for business is not only creative, even though that’s where it starts. After that the other characteristics that must be maintained come: researching the activity and conveying clear and precise information that is understandable to the end customer; building text according to the best and most up-to-date SEO practices; technical details relevant to good rankings and good UX.

We do our best to know the market. And to write in its language. We research not only the business, but also the competition. We work with information and extract the most accurate one. To create texts that are really useful, that really add value and make sense.

What industries can benefit from copywriting? Which industries do you specialize in? Can you name some of your most popular clients?

Everyone who is on the internet needs texts. Even the best pictures need to be described, because no one buys just by the picture – every user is looking for a description, details, features.

Our clients are working in various fields – from online stores, through gambling operators and affiliates, to services in the field of law, accounting, etc. We also have many clients in the medical field, of which we are extremely proud. Nowadays, many people “cure” themselves on the Internet, and unfortunately there is also a lot of inaccurate information available. I dare say even dangerously wrong. That is why we work side by side with doctors, medical centers, hospitals and others to produce texts that are medically correct.

About famous clients: we are proud that big names in Bulgaria have been trusting us for years now. You can see some of them in the “Clients” section on our website.

What is your forecast for the copywriting industry in the coming years, and which are the game-changers?

This industry, as well as any digital industry, is changing. But it combines tradition with innovation because it is based on something that is millennia old, and that is language. People read. People have always read. And people will continue to do so – in one form or another. I believe Google’s latest update on helpful content is extremely important and comes at the perfect time. Because it, the quality, the valuable content, is the thing that matters the most. And I believe it should continue to be the foundation of everything else.

How is Artificial Intelligence, AI, changing your industry? Is it acceptable to use AI tools when it comes to writing articles?

AI is undeniably entering our lives. But the details of language, the specifics of expression, the beauty of words – that’s something it hasn’t yet mastered. I’m not saying it won’t, time will show. As for whether or not it’s acceptable to write articles this way: for the moment, Google says it’s not. And there’s a reason for that – the texts still lack character, emotion, even sometimes something quite trivial – meaning. Will artificial intelligence replace natural intelligence? We shall see.

How can you explain the extent of digital marketing growth in recent years vs. traditional marketing?

The period from 2020 to now has made as many changes as would probably have happened in 10 years if Covid hadn’t been there. The coronavirus pandemic has boosted digital processes immensely, and this has helped many businesses not just stay afloat, but not suffer losses, and many even turn a profit. In that line of thought – the digital world is evolving hard, we ourselves live in the digital world. We are conducting this interview online and it will be published online. And that’s freedom.

We can’t compare traditional marketing with digital marketing because they are very different today. Each has its advantages, and before we go to any of them, we need to answer a few important questions: who are our customers? Where are our customers? Where are we going to sell them what we offer? From there, the direction is clear.

Do you believe that digital marketing will replace traditional marketing over time?

Probably. 10 years ago, magazines, for example, were essential – trendsetters and so on, and today many of them are gone. The ones that still exist have been digitized. Traditional marketing doesn’t have to disappear, it’s possible to just adapt to the present situation.

Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization, SEO, and Google. In your practice, do you need to teach your clients about SEO, or do you usually get clients who need specific SEO needs filled?

More and more people nowadays know what SEO is and why they need it. If they don’t know, I always try to explain why it’s important and why it shouldn’t be ignored. Today, almost everyone is competing for Google. And the most direct path to the search engine’s heart is well-written, planned, thought out and optimized content. That’s where our role as content writers comes in.

Which are the key elements of a stellar SEO article?

First of all – we come up with a meaningful topic. A useful one, not just extra words. We explore its semantics. Then we move to the right H1-H6 structure.

We write a headline that’s not too long – that can be perfectly visualized on both desktop and mobile versions. If possible, we put a number in it.

We divide the text thematically, shape it into short paragraphs, we write short, but not simple sentences. We put links – internal and external. We add bullet points. We do not forget images and graphics, accompanied by alt tags.

Finally, we check for uniqueness.

This, very briefly, can describe the steps to compose a good text. The rest is creativity.

How do you keep updated on the latest Google algorithm changes? How is that affecting your business?

I always follow the news that is released by the search engine itself as well as the more well-known blogs on the subject. Changes in the algorithm have a positive impact on our business – more and more clients understand how essential for Google is the quality, the valuable and literate content. And it’s our job to write it.

Regarding SEO, what is the gold standard in terms of word count?

The more, the merrier. Truly. Not just Google, users themselves don’t want to read topics dealt with in a superficial way. Depth is wanted, research into an issue is valued, not the strokes of it.

But to answer the question specifically: 1500-2000 words is a good start.

CopyVibes’ website has a list of authors who contribute with content. Is that necessary for a site?

It is important to me that our authors are present on our website – with their names, faces, education, experience, and expertise. They are the heart of CopyVibes. I’m proud of the team we’ve managed to form because, you know, nowadays, it’s not so easy to find talented people who know how to use words in the best possible way.

Are FAQs still a factor for Google in 2023?

Absolutely. Not only are they still a factor, but they’re a must, and it is an especially good practice to add them at the end of every article.

In terms of SEO, what do you expect from Google in 2023?

I hope quality content will continue to be a factor.

On a separate note, your background is in journalism; let’s briefly discuss journalism as a field and how it has evolved in recent years. Given AI, social media, and the whole influencer movement, more journalists are taking a much more modern career path of entrepreneurial journalism vs. traditional media. Do you believe we will see an influx of entrepreneurial journalists going forward?

That’s an interesting topic for the finale. With social media, live streams, etc. it no longer has the exclusivity it once carried. The focus is now on the individual, on the person himself. Every person. He holds the camera and the mic, he broadcasts live, he gives his point of view. But journalists who have something to say will continue to do so – in one form or another. Whether they present themselves as bloggers, vloggers, influencers, etc. The truth is, we are currently oversaturated with viewpoints. And those who have a reason to be seen are managing to distinguish themselves from the rest, though it’s a lot harder now because we don’t usually see them in the news at 7PM, we look for them in one of the many feeds.

The world is changing. But you know, it always has done that. The first newspaper, the first magazine, the first radio show, the first TV show, the first website, the first podcast… It’s just that we’re also living in that change now.


CopyVibes Services 

The professionals at CopyVibes agency are well-skilled in creating content aiming to activate high-quality business results. They create SEO-optimized texts and articles dedicated to media and blogs, write descriptions for products and categories, image-making materials, and more. Their services include social media maintenance that makes businesses stand out in their social networks. Some of the largest and most popular brands in Bulgaria, such as, Fashion Days, Winbet, and others have trusted CopyVibes’ services. Overall, such services are dedicated to increasing users’ engagement and boosting quality business results.

  • Text writing and rewriting
  • Social media maintenance
  • Translations

1. Text Writing and Rewriting 

The professional content writers at CopyVibes generate advertising copy and web content to help businesses improve their media presence and online performance. The agency provides clients with writing pieces with high added value for the customer. Their primary expertise includes maintaining professional business blogs and social networks and writing engaging media content and landing pages. They specialize in creating SEO content pieces, PR and link-building articles, and advertisement copy and developing the textual part of websites.

The agency produces captivating product and category descriptions and textual content for email marketing campaigns. The team of CopyVibes does not hide their love for art, therefore, creative writing is among their favorite services. The agency also offers editorial services for finished texts, including rewriting, correcting, and optimizing them to ensure they look perfect. These services aim to earn userstrust and help businesses rank better in online search engines to improve quality business results.

  • Blog or media content writing
  • SEO content writing
  • Full textual layout of a website
  • Category, product, and service descriptions
  • Landing page writing
  • PR and link-building articles
  • Email marketing
  • Print and media ad copy
  • Social network ad copy
  • Creative writing
  • Rewriting, editing, correcting, and optimization of finished texts

Copywriting continually balances on the verge between a business and art. And art is our favorite part.”

2. Social Media Maintenance

According to statistics, brands are a significant part of the communication process on social networks, and they shall act like it if they want to attract more clients through their social media channels. For a brand to have a bright online presence, it needs to send strong messages to its potential clients. CopyVibes agency offers effective advertising models to build a strong presence for businesses on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By offering social media maintenance, the agency provides your business with an overall brand concept fuelled by ad copy, engaging textual content, and visual materials.

According to a pre-arranged schedule, the team of CopyVibes publishes content and performs professional setup of advertising campaigns. Their social media maintenance services even include paid promotion of publications. To optimize business results, the agency analyzes and monitors the activity on social networks. Brand communication with potential customers in business social media profiles is also among the set of unique services offered by the agency.

Offering smart digital marketing, CopyVibes organizes professional social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate a unique brand image. These services aim to connect with the audience faster to improve sales and conversion. Proper management of your business’s social presence leads to a significant expansion of the range of potential customers, followed by a return on your budget for advertising.

3. Translations 

CopyVibes offers professional translation services from and to English, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, and Greek. Their professional translators have the education and qualification to be fluent in many different topics and niches. Among the team are qualified specialists in philology and translation, and even native speakers. Essentially, the agency adapts to end customers’ requirements while remaining uncompromising on quality. Among the goals aimed by the professionals at CopyVibes when working on translations is conveying the text material in an excellent structure and an easy-to-understand and logical manner. Above all, they aim to keep all essential information when translating the source text. The final result shall meet all the good practices and linguistic norms of the language in which it is translated.

CopyVibes Portfolio 

CopyVibes copywriting agency has been on the market for over five years, and through this time, the company has built its impressive portfolio of created content. The agency has extensive experience writing on various topics and niches. Their authors create and produce high-quality content for clients in the medical field, and they work side by side with doctors, medical centers, hospitals, and others to produce medically correct texts. Above all, a text must be authentic, accurate, and thematically correct. CopyVibes creates content in engaging topics such as:

  • Health
  • Marketing
  • Gambling
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • IT
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion

The Advantages for Businesses of Using CopyVibes Services

Nowadays, businesses shall take action to build a sustainable online presence to expand their reach of customers and improve their sales. Generating a unique brand image and increasing brand awareness in social networks is essential for growing and developing a successful business today’s days. Therefore, smart digital marketing services such as copywriting and content writing act toward activating quality business results. The main focus of attention of CopyVibes is the demands of search engines and users. If they are satisfied, so will businesses.

  • Flawless online presence
  • Image-making
  • Stand out in social networks

What to Expect from CopyVibes:

  • Extensive service catalog
  • Qualified and experienced team
  • Hardcore perfectionism
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Quick and smooth communication
  • Excellent value for money

WorldStreet Thoughts…

The future belongs to digital marketing, and the sooner businesses awake to this truth, the sooner they will see drastic improvements in their work sphere. Building a strong image and creating a solid presence in the social network is a challenging task that well-skilled professionals best do with years of experience in smart digital marketing. Undoubtedly, alternative tools such as content writing, copywriting, social media maintenance, link-building, and SEO-optimized writing can establish a brand’s image and increase its awareness among the auditory more effectively than traditional advertising. Digital marketing has the tools, which are the “new words” holding power to grow and develop a successful business. Correctly using the power of words has always been and will always be a weapon for thriving businesses. We need to adjust to the changes and re-learn how to create magic using words in the digital era we live. As Mrs. Simidchiyska says, “The world is changing. But you know, it always has done that. It’s just that we’re also living in that change now.”.

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