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iGaming Industry Success Explained – Interview with Mrs. Nina Jelen – Marketing Manager of BlueOcean Gaming

Nina Jelen

From beautiful Nova Gorica, in one of the loveliest countries in Europe, Slovenia, we sit down with the Nina Jelen, Marketing Manager of BlueOcean Gaming – the developer of one of the finest and most reliable all-in-one casino platforms on the iGaming market.





What is a White Label Online Casino Platform?

The term “White Label” casino solution generally refers to an integrated platform ready-made for an online casino’s successful functioning. It allows the client to start their own casino brand with little effort in exchange for reasonable provider fees. A good White Label solution must include at least the following elements:

  1. License – upon set up you get a casino license in one or more of the major gaming jurisdictions around the world.
  2. Payment systems – The platform allows players to deposit and withdraw their funds at the online casino with little effort from the end client. The more payment methods the platform has integrated, the better for the casino operator.
  3. Game selection – Players need a large selection of slots, table games, scratch cards, and live casino games to stay entertained. A good platform like Blue Ocean Gaming will offer a vast variety of the finest software providers.
  4. Player support – Quality support is critical to retaining and supporting players as they would usually have many questions and sometimes complaints. The better customer support an online casino has, the more successful it will be.
  5. Technical support – From a technical point of view, everything on the client’s site has to work perfectly.

The Interview

What is the substance of passion in building a successful iGaming business?

  • Nina Jelen: I would say innovation. When in a business such as iGaming, which is still constantly evolving, it is crucial that you think about how to step out of the crowd and what really makes you unique. And I am not talking just about the innovation in our products and advertising but also about relationships with partners and clients.

What are the key advantages of BlueOcean Gaming, and what benefits do online take advantage of when using the platform?

  • Nina Jelen: For starters, the experience, since we are in the industry almost from the start, we have a strong foundation and extensive knowledge which we transfer to our products, closely connected is also another advantage of ours, the reliability, our clients can always count on us to deliver the optimal solution, and we are always there to help either with advice or technical support. Furthermore, we are flexible, so we are always open to discussion and think out of the box to satisfy our client’s needs.

How essential is it to remain flexible and emphasize your clients’ authenticity when implementing your quality software solutions?

  • Nina Jelen: We believe that flexibility is the key and is also one of our main qualities. Our clients come from different countries and cultures, and this is something we understand and therefore try as much as we can take into account when doing business with them. We are very flexible in terms of communication, support, and, finally, even when it comes to our solutions.

How do you survive as a licensed reseller of casino games in an overly regulated gaming environment?

  • Nina Jelen: It is a battle, I must admit. We are constantly scanning and monitoring the markets which are still not locally regulated and where we have the potential to operate normally. Of course, we are also thinking forward, and we are well aware that there will be even more restrictions and regulations in the future; therefore, we will have to decide which regulated markets would be attractive for us and consequently go after some licenses.

How do you identify your client’s specific needs and requirements when implementing your solutions and tools to achieve success in the long run?

  • Nina Jelen: Clients are a great indicator of a certain product or solution’s efficiency. All our solutions are a result of great knowledge and hard work and are designed to give operators a mean to succeed in the gaming business, But being in such an industry that constantly changes means that we also have to put a lot of work into following the latest trends and novelties in the market. And here is where I believe that our client-specific needs and requirements play an important role in achieving success in the long run. Therefore it is crucial to take into account and have a good look into any of the requirements because, in the end, they could be beneficial for everyone.

Currently, we have 110+ game providers and 10.000 + online casino games, among which are slots, live casino, crash, fast games, virtual games, and sportsbooks. Nina Jelen

Payment methods are substantial for the success of an online casino. How do you ensure quality payment methods for the different markets?

  • Nina Jelen: Yes, correct payment methods are essential for smooth online casino business operation and, consequently, player satisfaction. Here I have to complement our payments department as they are the ones who take care of finding and successfully implementing suitable payment methods. Since there are a lot of payment service providers on the markets and since each market has its specific needs, they don’t have the easiest job identifying the suitable ones.

How do you provide a vast diversity of casino game types on your platform?

  • Nina Jelen: We are very proud of our extensive game library, which we managed to build with partners – casino software providers. Currently, we have 110+ game providers and 10.000 + online casino games, among which are slots, live casino, crash, fast games, virtual games, and sportsbooks. Each gaming studio we collaborate with has its collation of games that vary in type, mathematics, themes, and much more. Therefore, we are convinced that every operator has a fantastic choice and a variety of games to choose from and reach different player profiles and locations.

BlueOcean Gaming Malta

You at BlueOcean Gaming offer Virtual Sports Software. What is your opinion on the increased development of VR games, and is it expected to expand even more in 2023?

  • Nina Jelen: Yes, Virtual Sports is part of our games portfolio. I believe that VR will become more and more important in many industries in the future. However, in 2023 I don’t believe that it will make any significant expansions in terms of iGaming. I think that its expansion will be more critical in the world of regular gaming and that maybe after that also, the online gaming business will follow.

What are the most popular software developers in the iGaming market that have the potential to keep expanding their games portfolio in 2023?

  • Nina Jelen: Well, the pretty obvious one is Pragmatic Play. Their games are immensely popular among the players, and I am convinced that they will stay like this in 2023. I believe that Evolution is the most popular in the category of live casino games, and I don’t expect that to change in the future. Also, NoLimit and Hacksaw are rising in popularity in the past years, so it will be interesting to see how it will go for them this year.

What are your expert views on e-sports and computerized video-stimulated competitive gaming?

  • Nina Jelen: I think it is a huge business, and there is also a lot of hype around it. However, if I am looking from an iGaming perspective and our company experience, I believe that e-sports especially reached great attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, but its popularity declined soon after.

What goals have you set to grow and expand your iGaming businesses in the next 1-2 years?

  • Nina Jelen: Our goal is to work on our existing online gaming solutions to add new features and functionalities, which will be beneficial to attract new potential customers and grow the numbers with existing operators. In terms of promoting the company, we will present at major iGaming exhibitions across Europe and Latin America, where we will be showcasing our solutions and, at the same time, growing brand awareness.


BlueOcean Gaming Business Card

BlueOcean Gaming is a so-called White label solution that provides online casinos with a complete bundle of products and services vital to the seamless functioning of an online casino. It offers instant access to thousands of games and payment methods with easy customization for the end user.


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