Next Level Enterprise Asset Management Implementations – Interview with the Founder of Cimmira

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solutions implementation by a global industry leader Cimmira

Cimmira is a global services company that began its professional journey in 2004 with a primary focus on EAM services. Over its lifespan, a team of professionals who have previously gained lots of experience in CMMS and EAM solutions worldwide founded the company that has been thriving ever since. Their solutions have been implemented in over 90 industries globally.  Furthermore, they have completed 375 projects in major companies.  

As Krasimira Mihaylova, CEO, explains, ‘One of the main benefits of Enterprise Asset Management is that it offers a much better control over the maintenance tasks and physical asset events within a company. It provides the ability to optimize the asset life cycle, while monitoring and controlling the cost factors.’

Headquartered in Cookeville, TN, the U.S., the company has an office and a training facility about 15 minutes from there in Murfreesboro, TN, the U.S. Delivering reliable and responsive consulting services, their clients range from Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Our goal is to help customers achieve operational excellence and maximize their return on mission-critical technology investments.”

Cimmiras Distinctive Business Culture

Cimmira offers customized solutions to their clients, and they are able to do so as they grow close relations with the clients and get to know their needs in detail.  It is particularly the distinctive business culture that makes the company outstanding in the competitive industry and allows them to manage, build and maintain its brand through the years. A few simple yet essential features of how this company operates allow them to satisfy their clients unquestionably with every final project. The company’s managers firmly believe that to implement a system successfully, it has to perfectly comply with the client’s company’s specific needs and requirements. Cimmira is committed to delivering successful solutions and building and maintaining long-lasting close work relationships with its clients to maintain their engagement.

All their services are cost-effective, innovative-driven, and constantly improved to the latest trends and tendencies. The company’s on-site service and 24/7 customer support also facilitate customer relationships by establishing trust and transparency between the working team and the respected clients. The business culture of creating tailor-made solutions, particularly the company’s unique environment, drew our attention at WorldStreet, and we were curious to learn more about their workflow. 

Cimmira – A wild variety of industry experience, proven track record, and successful projects.”

Admirable Business Philosophy that Wins Clients – Why Companies Choose Cimmira:

  • Over 19 years of successful experience in delivering CMMS and EAM Solutions
  • Proven track record – consistent professional results through the years
  • Tailor-made solutions that guarantee a customized approach
  • Close customer work relationships and focus on maintaining engagement by building mutual trust, transparency, and dependability between the companies

Cimmira Ever-expanding global services

While delivering reliable consulting services globally, with a primary focus on North America, Europe, and the Middle East, Cimmira expands its services and solutions’ reach. For the company to operate efficiently worldwide, its associates speak multiple languages fluently, including English, French, German, Spanish, and more. That enables the company to manage and support customers’ projects locally and implement customized solutions that strive to perform on a higher level of quality than standard solutions. Cimmira’s team is goal-oriented and quick to adapt to dynamic changes. Customers receive guidance and assistance from the company in all phases of the projects. The close professional relationship between clients and Cimmira allows the company’s global services to keep improving and expanding.

Overview of Cimmira Services Offered:

  • Technical Services
  • Business Management Consulting
  • Training
  • Implementation and Integration Services
  • Hosting Services
  • System Administration
  • Support and Maintenance

1. Cimmira System and Technology Services

With nearly 20 years of experience in application, systems, and industry expertise, Cimmira delivers high-end solutions implementation. Clients worldwide are delighted by the end result of their projects since they stand out with seamless enterprise management provided after years of successfully integrating services into external applicants. Customers are provided with extensive value of successful implementations and thriving application maintenance for the long term due to Cimmira’s ongoing services.

Cimmira Technical Services:

  • Seamless enterprise management
  • High-end solutions implementation
  • Long-term application maintenance and ongoing services
  • Business Consulting Services.
  • Hosting services and solutions

2. Cimmira Business Management Consulting

Cimmira offers high-end support in every stage of the asset management system’s life cycle, which has proven vital to achieving many great successful projects through the years. The company ensures management services and maintenance for its solutions at the highest quality and know-how.  That is why their business consulting solutions have such an extended global reach. 

Clients benefit from in-depth analysis of the maintenance and engineering systems’ current and future state assessments. Due to their vast expertise, Cimmira can compare any particular company’s solutions at any stage of the asset management implementation cycle against industries benchmarks.

Cimmira Consultations of:

  • Business requirements
  • IT
  • Engineering and maintenance
  • Comparison against industry benchmarks

3. Cimmira Training 

From fundamental training to advanced technology development and system configuration training, Cimmira provides a vast range of specific EAM training courses that cover all system use aspects. Customers can take on-site classes tailor-made and customized to their personal preferences, needs, and desires. On the other hand, clients can go to the company’s facility just outside of Nashville in Murfreesboro, TN, U.S., to learn all the specifics of system use and improve their knowledge where needed.

Cimmira Training Teaches:

  • Fundamental training
  • Advanced technology development
  • System configuration training
  • All system use aspects

4. Cimmira Implementation and Integration Services

To begin with, Cimmira is a company that believes that for a solution to be successfully implemented, adopted, and integrated, it has to be well-tailored to the client’s company’s particular requirements. Therefore, the customized approach is critical in the comprehensive process of integrating services and utilizing a flexible framework that is perfectly optimized to deliver a rapid deployment. The company assists clients with ongoing business process analyses, expected outcomes, configuration services, and project planning to ensure maximum end-user efficiency.

Facilitating an optimal ROI is vital when providing configuration and support in working with clients. The company’s flexible integration services allow it to add new functionality, implement a full-featured system, or even integrate international or domestic multi-site rollouts. Cimmira works on developing, designing, testing, and deploying successful integrations to and from CMMS and EAM systems to enterprise solutions across multiple platforms.

Cimmira Implementation and Integration Services:

  • Integrations to and from other IT solutions
  • Testing
  • Deployment assistance
  • On-going support
  • Project management
  • System Interfacing
  • Consulting services
  • Innovative-driven technical solutions

5. Cimmira Hosting Services

As a trusted hosting provider, Cimmira ensures a reliable and secure operating environment delivered to the company’s clients. Their optimized hosting services increase the uptime and availability of the solutions. While working with their clients, the Cimmira team strives to help identify the particular needs of the hosting solutions. Cimmira’s hosting offer is available in EAM and CMMS applications; however, hosting can always be customized to the company’s needs, whether mobile or web.

Cimmira Hosting Solution:

  • Ongoing system upgrades and maintenance
  • Entire CMMS support
  • SOC 1 and 2 compliance for high-security levels
  • Guaranteed uptime and availability
  • Flexible solutions that can easily and rapidly adapt to a company’s changing needs
  • Leading professional hardware and software support for hosted environment configurations that have varying levels of complexity

Cimmira Achieved Success Through the Years

Successfully combining traditional and modern methodology and technology is key to Cimmira’s outstanding integration services. Integration tools such as Databridge from Infor and ION have full support offered by Cimmira; however, the company has developed an in-house, top-class world-performing web connector service that is perfectly designed to increase the value while keeping the final project cost-effective. As a result, clients are satisfied with the company’s hard work and rapid response to their needs. It is essential to say that Cimmira’s System Integration is performed in-house, both coding and development. This results in maintaining work at the highest accuracy possible.

Cimmira Successful Integrations:

  • EAR packages
  • SAP
  • MS Dynamics (Great Plains)
  • Microsoft AX
  • Workday
  • Ariba
  • ProCa
  • SSIS
  • ION
  • Informatica
  • BizTalk

Cimmira Business Card

WorldStreet Thoughts…

Cimmira is a leader in EAM and CMMS implementation and integration services and solutions. The robust solutions designed, tested, deployed, and developed by the company rapidly influence how client organization function after successfully adopting the systems. Cimmira offers technical services, business management consulting, training, implementation and integration services, hosting services, system administration, support, and maintenance and perform at a world-class level of excellence. What makes this company differ from the rest in EAM implementations experience is its customized approach to every project. The close professional relationships Cimmira builds and maintains with their clients are what impressed us at WorldStreet the most. The results are fascinating ongoing successful client businesses that keep expanding and improving in various aspects by implementing their well-tailored solutions and services.

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