Successful Business Model in Pink – Interview with the Founder of Dupissima Mrs. Tyana Presolska

Dupissima Success Analyzed – How to Get Your Business to Go From the Bottom to the Top

Feeling empowered in business is tough. Oftentimes, women in business tend to wonder whether they are making the right decisions for their businesses. For many years, female entrepreneurs have proved their capabilities of creating successful business models while standing confidently in high heels. Confidence is among the essential qualities entrepreneurs, especially women in business, should cultivate to grow their businesses into leaders in competitive industries. Having faith in your abilities to achieve your dreams and working hard to accomplish them builds true confidence over time. It is about being brave enough to strike out on your own and confident and hard-working enough to keep going.

But it all starts with a dream – an idea that inspires you to be the best version of yourself on the inside and out. This is where true beauty comes, according to Mrs. Tyana Presolska, CEO and founder of Dupissima, the largest beauty studio in Bulgaria, and a successful female entrepreneur who knows how to start from the bottom and get to the top in one of the most competitive business industries. The history of Dupissima is a brilliant example of how dreams combined with ambition, hard work, and perseverance create a leader. We at WorldStreet had the pleasure of talking with Mrs. Presolska in an inspiring interview which you can find below.

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out

WorldStreet Introduces Our Guest

Dupissima Founder
Dupissima Founder

Mrs. Tyana Presolska is an entrepreneurial woman with a mission to create beauty and a founder of the Association of Medical Aestheticians. Presolska started her own business at only twenty-one – a beauty studio named “Chocolate” that functioned for around six years. In 2007 she opened her emblematic second beauty studio Dupissima as a natural continuation and accumulated experience from her first business. When Dupissima was first established, the small studio took only 15 square meters; by 2015, it had grown into the largest beauty studio in Bulgaria. Aside from her successful business career, Mrs. Tyana Presolska is a dedicated wife and a caring mother of three wonderful children. Qualities such as ambition, hard work, dedication, and innovative thinking helped Presolska build a uniquely successful business and grow a start-up company to a leader in the competitive industry of health and beauty. She believes success naturally follows persistence and discipline because she has experienced it. Nowadays, Dupissima has five facilities, numerous awards and distinctions in the industry, a successful franchise business model, dozens of specialists with extensive experience, and thousands of satisfied customers. And Mrs. Tyana Presolska is the driving force behind all of this. Оnly the way a strong and inspired woman can be.

The Interview

We at WorldStreet sat down with Mrs. Tyana Presolska, CEO and founder of Dupissima, in an inspiring interview on what it actually takes to start a business and lead it successfully over the years. 

Mrs. Presolska, what inspired you to go after your dream and establish your first beauty studio over fifteen years ago? 

Back then, it was not a dream. It all started as a hobby and was driven by my desire to look and feel better. As a kid, I was overweight, and when I became a teenager, my focus was to lose weight and sustain it, which was very difficult. This is how in my early 20s, I decided to build a small place where my friends and I could have anti-cellulite treatments.

For over fifteen years, Dupissima has been a leader in one of the most competitive industries. What qualities helped you grow your small start-up business into a successful dominator in the field of beauty and health?

I genuinely believe that my personal pain was also my most significant advantage. I started alone, doing the treatments myself. I was constantly looking for ways to improve my results and understand the physiology behind all the procedures offered to the market. As the information was getting more complex and the explanations and recommendations coming from the industry (usually the sales personas of big companies) did not make enough sense to me, I decided to continue my education with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Aesthetics at the Medical University of Sofia. Afterward, I continued with a Master’s in Nutrition and Physiology and a Biochemistry course at Harvard Medical School. I never stopped learning, and now I am studying Endobiogenic Medicine at the Belgian Institute and dr. Abi Chachine. With all the new knowledge I was getting through the years, I was trying to import that into the beauty center, which naturally helped me advance. 

When Dupissima was first established in 2007, the beauty studio took only 15 square meters, and by 2015, it had grown into the largest beauty studio in Bulgaria. What is the secret to building a start-up business from scratch and developing it to the top?

The true secret is to have a clear vision and not to get distracted. For me, health and beauty should always be together. If something risks the future health of my clients or me, it will never be offered. If I wouldn’t do the treatment for myself, my daughters, or my mother, I would never offer it to my clients, no matter how trendy and lucrative it is.

Over the years, the Dupissima team has proven itself to be an innovator and leader in the field of health and beauty, and now you also provide a franchise program. Please tell us more about your franchising program – what is the process, the parameters, the requirements, and the results? How has your initial franchise beauty studio developed since it was established in 2019?

We realize that for sustainable growth, we need partners and alliances. This is how the idea of a Franchise was developed. In our industry, the business structures are relatively flat, and employees do not have the chance to build a career or have leading positions to have subordinates. This creates a natural desire for them to have their own business, be in control, and go to the next level. This is a trend in our market: after a few years of working for somebody, they quit and make their own studios. 

In theory, having a business sounds much more attractive and fun than it is in reality, especially when you have no economic background. So this was the first idea to offer my employees Franchises: how to go back to their home cities and have a successful business.

However, my first Franchise was with someone other than my team. It was with my best friend from my childhood; we went to school together. After that, we went together to Albena to study Hospitality Management and then to the International University of Seattle, where we got our MBA degrees – I specialized in Finance and she in Marketing. We were the best fit.

What are your valuable tips on growing a start-up company nowadays? How can a franchising program benefit start-up companies?

Of course, a franchise gives a lot of knowledge and know-how, and risks are relatively lower; however, in both cases, the best tip is to find something that genuinely interests you. To succeed, you will be giving a lot of your time to your job, and it should be exciting, passionate, and long-lasting. Your constant desire to improve and enhance the business will be crucial for building a sustainable brand; if money is the only goal, more is needed.

The team of Dupissima works with the highest quality machines and equipment to achieve the most effective results for clients. Could you share some challenges you have faced in catalyzing innovative equipment while trying to keep up with the latest industry instrument trends? 

Yes, offering leading-edge technology is a must to be a leader in the industry. However, the biggest challenge is to educate the clients that leading technology and treatments are only the tip of the Iceberg. The trends are trying to please the demand – people want fast results without investing time and effort, especially without changing their behavior. Suppose you offer them the magic pill or treatment that promises all that they are willing to pay anything. This made our industry a very lucrative business niche. Unfortunately, all the promises new technology makes can not be kept. Even liposuction and plastic surgery does not have 100% happy customers, and people regain weight after that and continue to age with time. Our primary focus is to teach the clients that they must build a healthy beauty routine that will be followed for years, even forever, and then use the leading technology as the final option. It is the same with antibiotics. They are essential and can save your life, but you should not forget about vitamins, rest, and taking care of your immune system. Because if you use antibiotics too often, you will get resistant. The same with beauty treatments.

Since 2004, Dupissima has founded six beauty studios; however, in 2020, you had to close down one of your most significant studios due to the Covid-19 pandemic business crisis. How did these tough times affect your business and how you got out of the crisis?

The crisis affected our business; we lost one of our locations – one of my favorites – in TZUM’s emblematic place. We were just about to stabilize the new business and cover operations expenses by ourselves; we opened ten months ago, and then Covid came. The problem was they wanted 100% of the rent, and with this place not working and Ring mall also closed, we could not pay the rent for the 3 locations with only one working. It was impossible. If we had, as it is written in the books, a backup for six months to cover your business, this would not happen. Unfortunately, small businesses can not do it. Statistics show that in Bulgaria and Europe, most Beauty studios (I am not talking about dermatological clinics, only Beauty Studios) made no profit in 2020. It was around 5% if they did, so having savings is unthinkable.

However, Covid was handy for us to rearrange and restructure our company. There is an evident trend after the pandemic. The market is split in two. The one group of people wants everything now and no matter the risk. This is why we see such a boom in plastic surgery, dermatological interventions, all kinds of antiaging therapies, and Facebook groups where people discuss topical treatments that are usually illegal or banned in Europe. Still, they order from Turkey, China, and so on.

On the other hand, the second group got focused on their health. They saw that the health system could not be relied on, and improving your longevity, immunity, and general health markers are better. This requires a holistic approach; this is not a short turn-oriented mission and puts an accent on safe treatments with health benefits.

How substantial is it to have the correct marketing and advertisement for growing your business in 2023?

Marketing has also been going through some changes recently. Due to Covid, everything went online with too much digitalization and too much information. People are tired of incorrect marketing; they are tired of false promises. At the same time, they continue looking for that magical thing. Finding the correct way to reach our customers will be a considerable challenge. I am a little confused about what works best now, so I always rely on mouth-to-mouth. And we put our effort into giving 100% to the existing clients. Of course, we want and need new ones, but businesses often make the mistake of forgetting about their current clients while wanting to seduce new ones.

Dupissima continues investing in its potential through numerous pieces of training, presence at exhibitions worldwide, certifications, and diplomas. In your opinion, how substantial is continuous improvement to developing a successful business?

For me, this is a MUST; I do not know another way.

Your team is a wonderful selection of professionals in various spheres of beauty and health. What qualities do you look forward to in a candidate when selecting a team to be proud of?

We are looking for medical professionals with big hearts and a lot of desire to study new things. 

You say, women can do anything and, most of all, what they are told they can not do”. What is one thing you have been told you can not do and yet you have achieved in your business? 

They say you can have it all – a successful business, happy family, fulfilling relationship with your husband, social life, friends, health, and free time; You can have it all, but first, it starts with you – invest in your health and education and everything will come next. But when it comes to your way, do not hesitate if the moment is right, if it is the best person, partner, or proposition – just do it. If it is right, you will feel it; if not, you will learn from the experience and move on.

If you could look back on the history of Dupissima, are there things you wish you have done differently or you regret along the way?

I would say yes, but it is not valid, as I repeatedly continue to do the same things. I trust in people and give them a chance, even when sometimes it looks impossible. I have a lot of situations in which they have taken advantage of this quality of mine, but at the same time, I have some people in my team who have proved me right, and they make all the other mistakes disappear.

Dupissima offers a loyalty program, allowing customers to collect bonus points and redeem them for procedures and therapies. Could you tell us what benefits such a loyalty program could have if it is correctly implemented into a companys business model? 

As I already mentioned, focusing on existing clients is vital. On the other hand, loyalty programs are supported to give benefits, and in our sector, it isn’t easy to find a lucrative and appealing loyalty program. We can use the discount but only to some extent and with time loyal customers get used to this discount and expect more. Salons often get into a situation where working with loyal customers becomes a loss. This is a tricky and sensitive topic; we need to focus more on customer experience, personal attitude, and such benefits, not discounts.

As a female entrepreneur, what qualities did entrepreneurship awaken and develop in you?

The best quality I have developed is adaptability and flexibility because the only certain thing is change, and we need to be ready.

Aside from your successful business career, you are a dedicated wife and a caring mother of three wonderful children. In 2021, you and your husband were the winners of a popular TV show dedicated to love and relationship compatibility. What is the secret to growing a cohesive family and maintaining the romance between you and your partner while building a thriving business? 

Marriage is not a signature or a deal you once made; if you are lucky, it will last. It is everyday work and consciously investing time in developing the relationship. We work together, travel together, and study new things together. At the same time, everybody has enough free space, and we also have separate hobbies. There is no guarantee that we will be together forever, and we both realize it very well. We continue to treat each other as if competing for our love and attention with millions of potential candidates. I do not stay with my husband because I do not have other choices; I choose him repeatedly, every day. And it is the same with him. I invest in my well-being, happiness, health, and beauty, and I want him to be proud of me. But I do these things for me; he is clever enough to cherish them, but I know that I value myself, and there are a lot of people that do if someday he stops doing it, it will be his problem. This kind of attitude makes me the best version of myself. At the same time, we know that we will be together as long as it is a win-win and we do not take the other person for granted. 


Mrs. Presolska, you are the founder of the Association of Medical Aestheticians. How was the idea of the AMA generated, and how can ones business in the health and beauty sphere benefit from membership in this association? 

After I graduated from the Medical University, we discovered that our profession – Medical Aesthetician is so new that it is non-existing and non-regulated. With friends and colleagues from the university, we founded the AMA to arrange all the legal aspects of the profession. Bulgaria is one of the few countries with no regulations in the beauty industry, and everybody is doing everything. A lot of medical treatments in Europe are performed only by doctors, here can be done by everybody, even by people with cosmetic courses done in a few days. And those treatments have risks and could be dangerous for the customers. This is also one of the association’s aims, to follow world standards and improve the quality of the offered services. We have done this through high-class education, exchanging experiences, and group support. We want to create a community that will move all of us forward.

Nowadays, Dupissima has five facilities, numerous awards and distinctions in the industry, a successful franchise business model, dozens of specialists with extensive experience, and thousands of satisfied customers. What do you look forward to achieving next?

I see frightening statistics about obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, and metabolic problems. My future purpose will be to make scientific information more easily accessible and to help me, my family, my friends, clients, and everybody interested in longevity, health, and antiaging to feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life to its fullest. This is why I created the FITHack concept by Dupissima, so we find an easy way to make the things that matter – nutrition, movement, stress control, balance, and so much more. Because health is the new wealth.

Dupissima Founder
Dupissima Founder

Dupissima – Natural beauty and non-invasive methods 

Beauty has the power to affect every area of women’s lives. The team of Dupissima does not hide its attraction to natural beauty, and its goal is to be women’s assistants in preserving and enhancing it. They offer non-invasive methods and employ a holistic approach to maintaining natural beauty while using top-quality cosmetics and effective machines and equipment on their clients, whose loyalty they perceive as a confirmation they are headed in the right direction. Over the years, Dupissima has specialized in stimulating the natural defensive powers and regenerating the body and the face while also focusing on multiple anti-aging procedures. The professionals at Dupissima regularly upgrade their skills and competencies to deliver the best possible experience to clients. They say, “Dupissima is a pink oasis of beauty, care, pleasure for the senses, and a break from the routine”.

Dupissima’s mission is to empower women to be the best possible versions of themselves inside and out. Their team believes women can do anything and especially what they are told they can not do. And it all starts with taking care of yourself – this is the root cause of success in every aspect of your life.

Beauty lies in the ability to take care of yourself.”

Dupissima Beauty Procedures 

Dupissima offers a wide range of unique services for maintaining and enhancing natural beauty. Their beauty procedures focus on reviving and regenerating the skin on the face and body using non-invasive methods. As their team says, they have a versatile range of non-invasive procedures that can replace all invasive ones. Their approach to beauty procedures is holistic and offers solutions against extra weight, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, etc. At the same time, they offer to take care of clients’ beauty by providing several services such as hairdressing, manicure, make-up, fuller brows, and longer lashes.

  • Face procedures
  • Body procedures
  • Epilation
  • Hair and scalp
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Lashes and brows
  • Ear piercing
  • Consultations
  • Wellness

Dupissima Face Procedures

Dupissima offers a set of precisely selected procedures by professionals in the field of health and beauty. Below, you will find a wide range of face therapies focusing on anti-aging, oscillation, peeling, mesotherapy, and more. Every makeup look turns out great when there is clear, fresh, glowing skin underneath it. And clients can achieve it by regularly taking care of the skin in a day-to-day routine and going to effective face therapies.

Dupissima Face Procedures
Dupissima Face Procedures
  • Forlle’d Anti-Age Therapy with Platinum
  • Exilis Ultra 360
  • Jetpeel
  • BeautifEYE
  • Carboxy Therapy
  • Deep oscillation
  • Accent Prime
  • Endosphere for face
  • BioRePeelCI3
  • Procedures with Guinot
  • Mesotherapy
  • Anti-age care with Forlle’d
  • Chemical peel with FILLMED – Light Peel
  • VENUS LEGACY – the perfect choice for a flawless look!

Dupissima Body Procedures

Taking care of the body begins with having a proper diet and involving enough movement in our lives. Staying active and hydrated keeps the body energized, toned, and healthy. However, to go the extra mile, one can experience a complete set of body procedures offered by Dupissima. These procedures positively affect the body since they stimulate its natural defensive powers. A new and fascinating procedure offered by Dupissima is Flotation, in which the client gets into a high-tech capsule for weightless floating. This therapy aims to restore the body, exploring the possibilities of consciousness and mind, deep rest, and meditation. Dupissima beauty studios are also equipped with a pilates reformer and cryosauna.

Dupissima Body Procedures
Dupissima Body Procedures
  • Apparatus lymphatic drainage
  • Maderotherapy
  • Flotation
  • Exilis Ultra 360
  • Brazilian butt 
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Deep oscillation
  • Guinot’s Slim Logic
  • Anti-cellulite procedures
  • Bust procedure
  • Fat melting
  • Therapy Modelagge
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Cryosauna
  • Endosphere therapy
Dupissima Body Procedures
Dupissima Body Procedures

Dupissima Product Line

Dupissima offers clients a wide range of beauty and health procedures and therapies and provides a unique set of products for purchase online and offline. The beauty studio offers high-quality cosmetic products produced by world-class performing cosmetic brands. Some of these well-known brands specialize in producing anti-aging products and effective skin rejuvenation for the face and body. On the other hand, some successfully treat skin problems such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. Choosing the proper products for purchase depends entirely on the client’s skin type and condition which preferably shall be consulted with a professional. Dupissima also offers body products with tested quality and proven results. Whether clients look to add a new product to their existing skincare routine or try out a new series of cosmetics, they can purchase in a quick manner.

Aside from regular face and body products, the beauty studio offers gift vouchers for various procedures and therapies, including a voucher for Flotation therapy which may seem like an exciting present for many. Unique products for lashes and nails, hands, and feet are also available on the website of Dupissima. The beauty studio also offers a set of home care devices perfect for taking care of our skin and hair on a daily basis. Dupissima has a holistic approach to health and beauty, including balanced nutrition, sports, cosmetic and apparatus procedures. Along with this, the company adds nutritional supplements to the list of offered products on their site. Such supplements positively affect our organisms by fueling them with much-needed nutritional benefits.

Dupissima Gift Voucher
Dupissima Gift Voucher

Products Offered by Dupissima

  • Face products
  • Body products
  • Lashes
  • Hands, feet, and nails
  • Beauty devices
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Procedures

Dupissima Franchise 

As a leading company in the field of health and beauty for over fifteen years, Dupissima offers their franchise program intending to create and establish an environment for long-term success for them and their partners. Dupissima’s business model provides the prerequisites for expanding and opening new beauty and health centers in the Bulgarian market and internationally. Once one decides to work under Dupissima’s brand, one receives all the knowledge and experience of the professionals behind this brand. This makes it a lot easier for start-up companies in one of the most competitive industries since they do not have to start from scratch. Instead, they have a solid base of good management practices to help them build, grow, and develop a successful company. Dupissima gives in their knowledge, skills, and experience for building a sustainable business and a successful beauty and health center to their franchise partners. On April 14, 2019, the first franchise beauty studio of Dupissima opened in Sofia.

Dupissima Franchise
Dupissima Franchise

Benefits for Prospective Dupissima Franchise Partners:

  • Recognition of the DUPISSIMA brand
  • Trainings
  • The vast range of DUPISSIMA procedures and products
  • Know-how of DUPISSIMA
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Support and ongoing training
  • Additional preferences

Dupissima Loyalty Program – Save as You Spend

Dupissima has come up with a unique loyalty program for their clients. Since 2022, the beauty studio has offered a new bonus system for loyal clients, which substitutes for all active promotions. Through this program, clients collect bonus points that can be redeemed for procedures and therapies later. The studio also organizes special activities via which clients can collect double bonus points. Clients can use their bonus points throughout the year by 31 January of the following calendar year. From a business perspective, this is impressive know-how on how to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones while also growing the company’s net worth.

Dupissima Loyalty Program
Dupissima Loyalty Program

Dupissima Loyalty Program Types:

  • “Loyal client” program
  • “Deposit” program
  • “Birthday” program
  • “Procedure +” program

WorldStreet Thoughts…

Dupissima is a brilliant example of a dream whose potential has been turned into reality. The world would be more progressive if more people dared to strike out on their own and take the risk to follow their dream. This is what true entrepreneurship stands for – generating ideas and taking action to make them a reality. Nowadays, more female entrepreneurs have left behind any doubts in themselves and are empowered to create, grow, and develop successful businesses. By achieving success in every area of their lives, entrepreneurial women can feel fulfilled and capable of achieving great success, as far as this is a subjective concept. We are beyond delighted Mrs. Tyana Presolska shared a piece of her experience and knowledge in an interview with us on how to build a successful business model, which, in her case, actually is pink. Nowadays, women building thriving businesses in pink is an optimistic tendency, and we at WorldStreet look forward to beholding and analyzing it further.

Dupissima Business Card

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