Violeta Macheva-Raykolesku – The Superpower Woman Who Founded Magic Outdoor

Interview with Mrs. Violeta Macheva-Raykolesku – The Founder of MagicOutdoor and MagicIndoor Advertising

Violeta Matcheva Magic OurdoorsWe at WorldStreet are beyond delighted to introduce you to an extraordinary woman born to create. Violeta Macheva-Raykolesku is an entrepreneur and an expert in marketing, design, and advertising. She has put all her creativity, passion, and dedication into creating a world-class brand for outdoor advertising called MagicOutdoor. The company’s primary goal is to “make the world a magical place” by spreading the beauty of efficient design all around. Aside from being original, attention-keeping, innovation-driven, and creative, MagicOutdoor’s designs are reasonably priced, allowing more customers to experience their add-on marketing benefits. The company is a true leader in commercial space branding, primarily focusing on stores, malls, and business buildings. Customers trust them as they understand and know that their project will be precisely completed from the very start to the finishing touches with particular attention to detail. The design, printing, and installment of all advertising materials are guaranteed the highest quality.

“The ability to not only look but also see, to not only hear but also listen precisely to the outside world and get inspired by it, is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

Behind the curtains of a successful business in 2023

What helped Macheva-Raykolesku build herself as an entrepreneur who successfully operates her own business in 2023 has a lot to do with the outstanding education she was fortunate to have as part of her upbringing. She graduated from the American University of Bulgaria and has a double major in Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations. Three years later, she graduated from the City University of Seattle with a Master of Business Administration in marketing. Macheva-Raykolesku’s priorities include successfully combining personal and professional life as a mother, wife, and an established entrepreneur. She is a successful, trusted, and reliable figure in advertising with her well-known studio Magic Outdoor, as well as a loving wife and a mother of two wonderful daughters. She is a true example of all the superpowers a woman holds within herself.

Passion is the foundation of every successful business; however, the key to maintaining it is the team.”

Key Services and Products of MagicOutdoor:

Magic Outdoor Printing Studio

  1. Entire Shop Branding
  2. Light Boxes and Led Signs
  3. Stands Branding
  4. Facades Branding
  5. Large-format Printing
  6. Digital Advertising and Social Media Branding

Magic Outdoor Ltd. – Makes the Outdoor World Magical”

The Interview

At, we wanted to know how Macheva-Raykolesku manages to lead by example, and this is what she told us:

What were the driving forces behind the foundation of your business, MagicOutdoor?

I have always carried an entrepreneurial spirit within me. I inherited it from my father, and I have always known from a young age that I would start my own business. I have been a great employee, but I am better at leading, creating, and generating new ideas that I put into effect. MagicOutdoor is not simply a print studio but a factory for creating magical outdoor advertisements. We print advertising materials by initially creating visuals of how they will look, doing the design, and then installing them. Therefore, we are an entire circle of magical advertisements. MagicOutdoor is my first and oldest child since it was founded in 2007, before my two wonderful daughters were born. And what has driven me back then is that I am very creative and imaginative, and the advertising space is where business and creativity meet. Of course, the experience I had already gained as a media partner and event planner at the point of establishing the company has also helped me by giving me some courage. MagicOutdoor seemed like the logical sequel of something of my own and, at the same time, creative, entrepreneurial, and business-oriented.

What qualities are required to become a successful entrepreneur, and is a dose of magic needed too?

In the first place, the successful entrepreneur must be creative and capable of creating and generating new ideas. The ability to not only look but also see, not only hear but also listen precisely to the outside world and get inspired by it is vital. It is essential to analyze everything that surrounds you and yet manage to turn it into a successful business idea that corresponds to your business’s vision. Another critical quality entrepreneurs need to have is the ability to never give up. The thought of taking care of your employees who have families on their own doesn’t let you give up on your business. And in third place, you must be very organized because you are organizing your workday and the workday of all your employees. Being organized, passionate, determined, creative, and analytical are crucial to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, a dose of magic and luck always helps things move forward in alignment.

Can your advertising business grow without you right now?

Yes. I took a break from the office for approximately three years when my younger daughter was born. I have five fantastic, independent employees who do not need me to be there constantly. I have given them my trust that the operational work will be done with precise attention to detail and at the highest level of quality. The only piece that needs to be added to my team is the ability to find new clients independently since I am still the leading source in bringing in clients.

What is the substance of social media and digital marketing nowadays, in your opinion? Will it ever replace traditional advertising?

Social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, and Google Advertising is the future of advertising. Printing ads and billboards will most likely fade in the next ten years; I can’t predict the exact number of years, but it is expected. Undoubtedly, the future belongs to digital media marketing, and statistics clearly show this. Traditional media such as TV, radio, and press lose their advertising budgets as outdoor advertisements do. The main focus of marketing and advertising nowadays is directed at TV and digital media. But there is one thing for sure – digital media advertisement will soon displace the conventional marketing approach.

Magic and Emotion – Minimalism in Art, Interiors, Architecture and Life

How do you connect the core of your business, print, to the entire digital marketing sphere?

Our only choice is digitalizing our business to keep up with the constantly changing world’s needs. We are increasingly thinking about using digital media to affirm our already established business and create an entirely digital-oriented marketing company in the future. In the past few years, I have gained experience in digital marketing by taking courses, practices, and training. As a result, I am now a consultant in building a personal and corporate brand in social media. By taking risks and experimenting, I see and prove what works in social media and explore its opportunities to establish my brand in multiple social media channels. Compared to around a 10% advertisement budget for internet marketing in the past, this budget has risen tremendously to 50-60%.

How valuable is the approach to different target groups to create a successful advertising campaign?

A well-suited approach to targeting is the base of a successful advertising campaign. This is where it all starts. Some of our clients already have their target analyses. However, we can suggest where to position the advertising materials based on where their target is placed. For example, if there is an outdoor advert like a billboard about to be created, we give our clients suggestions on the locations where to find the target groups for their advertised products or services. Targeting has to be extremely specific, narrow, and precise and should cover essential aspects such as age, gender, social status, family, etc. Only then the advertising campaign works and fulfills its goals.

What do indoor design and decoration mean to you, and how do you implement them in your business with MagicIndoor?

In 2020 when the worldwide pandemic started, I finally had enough free time to create this project which has been a dream of mine for a long time. I view MagicIndoor as an additional branch to the portfolio of services we at MagicOutdoor provide our customers. Among the most considerable benefits we have with MagicIndoor is that we create everything in-house and don’t depend on external provider companies to develop and materialize our products. Pictures, paintings, stickers, mugs, and wallpapers are provided by MagicIndoor and are created with our existing productive force. I genuinely admire beauty as an artist, so I have always carried the dream of MagicIndoor within myself through the years. Besides our personalized products, we also partner with interior designers for the interior branding and design of stands and stores in malls. We have already realized over four stands and the complete interior design of one store in Mall Paradise. There are many more exciting upcoming projects in front of us for the year that we are looking forward to!

What is the secret of building a successful advertising business?

Passion is the foundation of every successful business and is a force that drives you to build yourself as a brand. You have to find where your passion is and follow it. I am very critical of my artwork as an artist, and I always think about how the world will perceive it. This leads to precise attention to detail and high quality in every aspect of our work. However, the key to maintaining a successful business is the team. You can be the best professional in what you do, but without your team, you are nothing. Every person on my team is specialized in a different aspect of the working process depending on their job, whether it be designers, printers, installers, or even accountants. Each team member is a part of a working mechanism and has their perfect place. To summarize, it is passion, a team, and a dose of magic!

What goals have you set for 2023, personally and professionally?

Spending more time with my family, my children, and my husband while doing the things we love together, such as traveling, going to the theatre, going to the movies, etc., is my most significant personal goal for 2023. On the other hand, my primary professional goal for 2023 is for MagicOutdoor to gain more worldwide exposure this year. Additionally, we are working on MagicIndoor delivering its products all over Europe. In February, we are going to brand a major exhibition in London which will mark the beginning of MagicOutdoor going on the international scene. We aim to become a genuinely global company as the Bulgarian market already seems narrow, and we are working on this in 2023!


The significant brand expansion of MagicOutdoor

MagicOutdoor Sofia Project

Wrapping up entire construction sites – Piece of Cake!

MagicOutdoor’s primary services include wide-format digital printing, PVC, vinyl, mesh covers, advertising constructions, billboards, mega boards, car, shop branding, and so much more. However, aside from outdoor advertising, Macheva-Raykolesku’s company has expanded tremendously in recent years and has branched out into indoor design, digital marketing, and transparent protective shields, which were a huge milestone in the company’s history back in 2020 around the pandemic. As a result, we, as customers, can enjoy various services from growing brands, namely MagicIndoor, Magic Shields, and Magic Digital and Design. Let’s take a glance at what these innovative-driven brands offer below.

  1. MagicOutdoor

MagicOutdoor is the advertising studio that marks the beginning of Macheva-Raykolesku’s career as an entrepreneur. Before founding this company, she gained experience as a media partner at Leo Burnet, a worldwide global advertising agency, and an advertising and event specialist at Avon Cosmetics Bulgaria, a global beauty company. The knowledge that she has acquired has driven her to create MagicOutdoor in 2007. Since then, the advertising studio is growing in many different aspects, offering customers highly-effective brand design, marketing strategies, and advertising for outdoor objects at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. Among the primary services of this studio is large-format printing of mesh, vinyl, billboards, banners, mega boards, and others.

MagicOutdoor Services:

  1. Large-format Printing
  2. Billboards and Mega Boards
  3. Pre-print Design
  4. Installation
  5. Advertising Constructions
  6. Lightboxes and Signs


  1. MagicIndoor

Gorgeous wall elements from the client’s own pictures


Magic Indoor LogoMagicIndoor is a brand founded by Macheva-Raykolesku in 2021 as a branch of MagicOutdoor, but this time the main focus is on indoor decor and design. This brand results from her never-stopping ambition to make people’s lives more magical outdoors or indoors. She has found her purpose in creating a home and office decoration studio to help people make their homes more cozy, comfortable, and beautiful using the power of design and decor. The innovative-driven brand launches paintings and photographs on canvas, decals, photo wallpapers, and gift packages to give to your beloved ones on special occasions. By partnering with photographers and painters, the company greatly supports Bulgaria’s talented artists!

MagicIndoor Services:

  1. Magic Photos
  2. Magic Paintings
  3. Magic Mugs
  4. Magic Stickers
  5. Magic Wallpapers
  6. Magic Decorations and Gifts


  1. MagicShield

Another brand founded by Macheva-Raykolesku and inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic is MagicShields. This is a brand established in 2020 as a result of her quick and smart reaction that helped her save her business from bankruptcy. Not only did this innovative project help her maintain her team of brilliant professionals, and it even allowed her to grow the company into new and unseen horizons worldwide.

“You can be the best professional in what you do, but without your team, you are nothing.”

The studio created transparent face helmets, protective shields that divide the passengers from the taxi drivers, and dividers for social places such as schools, hotels, restaurants, offices, and others. Nowadays, over 25,000 taxis in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia use MagicShields to help them work in a safer and protected environment. As a result, 2020 was shifted drastically from the worst possible year for the business to the best business year for her company.

MagicShield Services:

  1. Transparent Face Helmets
  2. Transparent protective shields for taxis
  3. Transparent protective shields and dividers for:
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Fitness
    • Casinos
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Stores
    • Beauty Studios


  1. Magic Digital and Design  

Magic Digital and Design is a branch of a company that is responsible for the preparation process of every advertising and branding design requested by customers. The pre-design of every advert, customized for outdoors or indoors, is given to this branch and consists of well-experienced creators specializing in outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, and internet banners. Video filming and processing and advertising for social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are also part of this brand’s digital marketing services.


Magic Digital and Design Services and Preparation of:

  1. Exterior Home Advertising
  2. Indoor Advertising
  3. Internet Banners
  4. Social Media Advertising
  5. Video Filming and processing for social media
  6. All types of digital designs


Partners who have given their trust in MagicOutdoor

An impressive portfolio of some of the leading European brands, including:

  1. SportVision
  2. Bulgaria Mall
  3. Hippo Land
  4. United Colors of Benetton
  5. Komsed
  6. Lego
  7. Kamenitza
  8. Barbie
  9. Nissan
  10. Under Armour


MagicOutdoor Worldwide Services

Customers worldwide can benefit from MagicOutdoor’s brilliant services, which are inspired by innovative ideas and creative thinking from a team of professional designers, marketers, and advertisers. The company’s MagicShields branch is used by over 25,000 taxis in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

MagicOutdoor Business Card

At WorldStreet, we are beyond pleased and delighted to have been given the staggering opportunity to interview such an inspiring businesswoman as Violeta Macheva-Raykolesku and to learn more about the fundamental core values that drive her advertising business forward. You can check out the company’s contacts below:


Concluding Thoughts

MagicOutdoor is a startling advertising studio and a leading company in the design and décor market for indoor and outdoor branding. The founder, Violeta Macheva-Raykolesku, has put her desire for change, beauty, and magic into creating this studio that stands out with brilliant products and services dedicated to making the world a more magical place. And they succeed at it. By looking at the company’s portfolio of achievements and custom projects over the years, we can’t help but be amazed and stunned by the professionalism, unquestionable work ethic, innovative thinking, and effort of the team of over 15 professionals. And the result is simple yet sophisticated – excellent quality final products and effective yet affordable advertising materials. At WorldStreet, we wish MagicOutdoor to keep leading and Macheva-Raykolesku to keep making a difference by simply living her purpose.

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