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Naturelle with Love – Created to Elevate Your Body, Soul, and Spirit 

Naturelle with Love is a proud producer of cosmetics with one key ingredient – 100% natural Rosa Damascena oil. The team of NWL is united around creating cosmetic products with sustainable culture and natural origin and they take their mission wholeheartedly. Naturelle with Love drives and establishes the mission of natural living that nurtures the body, soul, and spirit to elevate people’s lives to a higher level that aligns with care for the planet and environmental protection. NWL’s team stands by the idea that what is truly good for the people is also good for the planet, and only when living by this mantra there is an alignment with the surrounding world. 

The products produced by this brand focus on efficiency. They nurture people’s beauty and health in a way that aligns with the team’s beliefs on care for the planet. At the core of each product produced by NWL is the Bulgarian Rose Damascena which is cultivated in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. The rose oil extracted from the Rose Valley is the only one to cover all quality requirements and has become a symbol of health, youth, and beauty. 

“Smile is Love! Love is Connection! Connect with NWL!”

Naturelle with Love – Care for People’s Health and Beauty Aligns with Care for the Planet and Environmental Protection

The primarily used ingredient Rosa Damascena combines over three hundred elements such as minerals, vitamins (B group, C, K, carotene), calcium, potassium, iodine, copper, antioxidants, and many others. Some of these elements can’t be found anywhere else, making Bulgarian rose oil so unique and valuable. Because of its slightly acidic pH, Bulgarian rose oil lasts forever and is used as a natural preservative in NWL’s cosmetics. This ingredient in Naturelle with Love’s product line has numerous benefits on people’s health and beauty by elevating their minds, spirit, and body. Among its advantages are wrinkle prevention, regeneration, nourishment, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits, calming effects on the nervous system, stress relief, collagen stimulation and production, and more. 

Naturelle with Love’s team believes that beauty comes from the inside out, and people must stimulate the beauty within themselves, so it shines on the outside. Complying with this belief, the team creates products with active ingredients, focusing on 100% natural Bulgarian rose oil, which has many medical benefits. By using Rosa Damascena-based products to take care of our bodies, we take care of our planet. True health comes when we align with the planet. We simply have to re-learn how to use them for our own benefit. And this is precisely what NWL’s mission is – to teach us the power of cosmetics and its benefits on people’s health and beauty. Among the medical benefits of Bulgarian rose oil is the improvement of brain function, antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, blood sugar level management, hepatic, nervine, depurative, and many other valuable qualities.

“Our planet’s needs are our needs. We are one with the planet, and when we start living accordingly, health comes naturally.”

The Founder of Naturelle with Love:

Neli Radeva

Nelly Radeva is the founder, CEO, and driving force behind Naturelle with Love. She has also established the I CAN TOO Foundation. Radeva started Naturelle with Love in 2020, and her company has been providing its clients with high-quality products since its very beginning. As someone with an international background, she has lived for over twenty years in Germany and the U.S. Born in Bulgaria, she stays connected to her mother country by implementing the famous Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil in the products created by her company. She believes that everything is possible; therefore, in 2006, she created the I CAN TOO Foundation in Bulgaria. The idea of I CAN TOO is that everyone helps with what they can do best.

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Product Line of Naturelle with Love:

Naturelle with Love produces several types of Rosa Damascena-based cosmetic products, which we will review in detail below. The product line of Naturelle with Love is simple yet sophisticated. They are divided into several categories – oral hygiene, skincare, hair care, rose oil, and candles. The company offers various sets in which you can combine skincare products, oral hygiene products, T-shirts with a mission, and more. All products are based on very few carefully selected enriched active ingredients, presented in a very simple and thoughtful manner. Because when it comes to cosmetics, less is more. On the official website of NWL,, you can find every ingredient used in each of the products listed below. 

1. Oral Hygiene – Smile is Love

Naturelle with Love believes that smile is love and love is connection and greets you to connect with their products on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. The toothpaste Naturelle with Love is suitable for people who strive to lead a healthy lifestyle or are on a homeopathic treatment. Among its benefits are improving gum health, accumulating plaque, reducing bad breath, and helping with dry mouth. Its key ingredient, organic rose water, has an anti-inflammatory action, while xylitol acts against cavities. NWL also produces mouthwash with organic rose water, which refreshes and cleanses even the hard-to-reach places between teeth. It also consists of D-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) to moisturize the gums and Bisabol, which has an antimicrobial and soothing effect.

Naturelle with Love Oral Hygiene Products:

  • Toothpaste 65ml / 2.28 OZ
  • 3 Toothpastes + Gift
  • Toothpaste Travel Size 12 ml / 0.42 OZ
  • Mouthwash 300 ml / 10.6 OZ

2. Skin Care 

The skincare product line of Naturelle with Love stands out with precisely selected Rosa Damascena-based ingredients that revitalize the skin’s natural glow. The team of NWL believes that beauty comes from within. Therefore, when people use Rosa Damascena-based products that grow from the earth, the skin naturally becomes shiny, beautiful, and healthy. Their skincare product line consists of a vitalising face serum, face elixir, body oil, and hand and body cream, which are handmade by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena oil is the key ingredient in all of them with its anti-aging, disinfecting, calming, refreshing, and harmonizing effects. The other vital ingredient of these products is the extract of green microalgae, which maintains the vitality of cell development. It is rich in vitamins, microelements, minerals, and antioxidants which nourish and hydrate the skin. 

Naturelle with Love Skin Care Products:

  • Vitalising Face Serum
  • Face Elixir 20ml / 0.7 OZ
  • Body Oil 100ml / 3.40 OZ with Rosa Damascena Oil
  • Hand & Body Cream 250ml / 8.5 OZ

3. Hair Care 

Naturelle with Love also has a hair care product line focusing on nourishing the hair and bringing back its natural moisture and shine by using Rosa Damascena-based ingredients. NWL produces hair shampoo and conditioner that go hand in hand in order to gently cleanse and freshen the hair to give it a shine. The key ingredients in these products are rose water which restores the natural shine of the hair while also moisturizing it, and keratin amino acids for deeper penetration into the hair. The result is healthy, voluminous, soft, silky, and shiny hair that no one can resist! The hair conditioner also includes natural oils of olive and argan to soothe the scalp and regenerate the hair’s vitality, softness, and elasticity. 

Naturelle with Love Hair Care Products:

  • Shampoo 250ml / 8.5 OZ
  • Hair Conditioner 250ml / 8.5 OZ

4. Promo Sets

Naturelle with Love provides its customers with excellent promotional sets which combine different products from each product line and category. On their site, one can browse the offers for skin care, oral hygiene, and others. One can also purchase NWL’s unique T-shirts “Smile is love” which have a mission dedicated to helping I CAN TOO’s Foundation causes and children in need. A percentage of each sale goes to the foundation. The t-shirts with a mission are available for men and women, and their composition is 95% cotton and 5% lycra. 

Naturelle with Love Sets:

  • 3 toothpastes + Gift
  • Set Vitalising Face Serum + Face Elixir
  • T-shirt Smile is Love

5. Candles

Another fantastic product with Rosa Damascena-based ingredients produced by Naturelle with Love is its candles. NWL creates scented candles with Bulgarian Rosa Damascena oil, which are hand-poured into fully recyclable metal boxes. They are made of high-quality paraffin wax and have a delicate rose scent. Lightning these candles bring calmness, coziness, and harmony into the room, and the atmosphere becomes warmer and more relaxing. There is a Green tea candle available too which is flavored with green tea and Rosa Damascena. Their burning time is approximately twenty hours. 

Naturelle with Love Candles:

  • Scented candle Rose Damascena
  • Scented Candle Rose Damascena + Green tea 

6. The Famous Bulgarian Rose Oil 

From ancient times, the rose has symbolized youth and beauty and has been a powerful source of heath. The famous Bulgarian rose oil is obtained by a steam destination of one specific rose type called Rosa Damascena, which is cultivated in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. This rose oil has become famous worldwide. This essential oil is also called “liquid gold” due to its high cost – for making only 1 kg of rose oil, over four tones of roses are required. This rose oil is so special and valuable due to its unique qualities, which can positively affect the body, soul, and spirit. Its medical benefits are why this rose oil is used in cosmetics as a natural source of an antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral product. 

Ancient Persian saying: Rose is the only thing you can take with you when you die because it is not of this world.”

Social Responsibility Participation of Naturelle with Love

Naturelle with Love aims to align environmental protection with nurturing people’s health and beauty. They do this by producing sustainable, environmentally friendly products and building a culture of healthy living. They create a new standard for proper health by professing the belief that when we take care of the planet, we are naturally taking care of ourselves. However, Naturelle with Love doesn’t only profess its beliefs on taking care of the planet but also taking care of each other. This is a socially responsible company that supports the causes of  I CAN TOO Foundation and helps children in need with each sold product. A percentage of every sale goes to the benefit of this foundation, so when you are ordering from NWL, you are participating in helping children in need. 

Advantages of the Products of Naturelle with Love.

Naturelle with Love’s products prioritizes using clean and simple ingredients that are Rosa Damascena-based. Their team has precisely selected unique pure ingredients such as xylitol which is found in fruits and vegetables; green microalgae, which helps against allergies and inflammations; marigold flower oil which is enriched with carotenoids and antioxidants; grape seed oil with essential fatty acids; and of course, the famous Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil with its numerous health and beauty benefits. Their products do not contain artificial emulsifiers. Instead, they use rose oil as a natural preservative since its slightly acidic pH lasts forever. 

Above all, the products are vegan, gluten-free, with 100% natural Bulgarian rose oil, and have never been tested on animals. Using Rosa Damascena-based cosmetic products can drastically improve people’s health and prevent numerous diseases and infections known to be affected by some traditional petrol-based products. So if you strive to prioritize healthy living on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, we suggest you start using Naturelle with Love’s products! 


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